Being a kid is hard as it is but children without adequate home care are faced with an even greater challenge. Being a Foster Parent is a unique opportunity to make an indescribably huge difference in a child's life. At UpTurm, we are always seeking out individuals who wish to spread kindness and compassion as professional childcare workers. We are looking for individuals who are

  • At least 18 years old

  • Have a minimum of one year's experience in fostering, childcare, or social work - parenting included!

  • Currently living in a multi-bedroom home

  • Not currently listed in any recognized child abuse registries

  • Available for in-house orientation sessions.

  • Willing to learn new skills

  • Ready and willing to provide a safe and welcoming environment for children!

Our training program provides you with a wide array of skills you'll need to be the ultimate childcare professional, including training courses in:

  • Non-Violent Crisis Prevention

  • Report Writing

  • First Aid & CPR

  • UpTurn Policy and Procedure

  • Programming  and community engagement

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